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10 อันดับ บริษัทประกันสุขภาพในอังกฤษ

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10 อันดับ บริษัทประกันสุขภาพในอังกฤษ (Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in UK)

Health insurance is insurance against the risk of incurring medical expenses among individuals. The method of health insurance in UK is controlled and conducted by National Health Services (NHS). Here we have compiled a list of top ten best health insurance company in United Kingdom. The health insurance system in UK is governed and guided by National Health Services (NHS).


10. Freedom Health Insurance
Freedom Health Insurance company is considered as the top health insurance company of UK. It is most likely the best supplier of medical, sexual and beautifying health care in UK. Freedom Health offers a full range of private doctor and general practitioner services; private GUM clinic, STD and HIV test, testing and treatment services from smart, discreet, anonymous premises in Central London UK. Syphilis tests and treatment, Chlamydia tests and treatment, HIV tests, Hepatitis A, B & C Tests, Mycoplasma & Ureaplasma Test, Full Male and Female STD screens and treatments are offered routinely.

9. Helpucover Health Insurance
Here is another health insurance company called Helpucover Health Insurance. This health insurance company succors you with all the expenses like dental bills, occular bills, consultant’s fees, medications, hospital charges, doctor fees and healing expenses. Helpucover Health Insurance received many awards and become the top health insurance companies of UK..

8. SAGA Health Insurance
SAGA Health Insurance considered as the top health insurance company in UK, this company provides a wide variety of private medical facilities and manages all the medical expenditure like, doctor’s fees, curing fees, Hospital Bills and several other expenditures.

7. Simply Health
Simply Health insurance company considered as the top health insurace company in UK. Simply Health company providing facilities to people for providing healthcare for a period of more than 130 years. Simply Health insurance has full range of health plans cover individuals, families and businesses.

6. PruHealth
PruHealth insurance company considered as the top health insurance company in UK. Discover health insurance with a difference, where living well means lots of rewards and savings on your premium. PruHealth was given an award of best Health Insurance Company of the year and many other awards in 2007.

5. National Friendly Healthcare
National Friendly Healthcare considered as the top health insurance company in UK. National Friendly Healthcare provides you with the selection of any hospital in UK for remedy of various kinds of health problems. They present complete medical care for family and adults at fixed reasonable payments.

4. Medicare International
Medicare International considered as the top health insurance company in UK. Medicare International proffers you complete assistance in serious illness such as asthma, diabetes, along with complete help of minor checkups like X-rays, medicines, visits and fees of consultants in addition to other liable expenditure. This company has more then twenty years of experience.

3. AXA PPP Healthcare
AXA PPP Healthcare considered as the top health insurance company in UK. AXA PPP healthcare offer a range of health insurance policies for individuals and businesses. It is one of the well known insurance companies in Europe and in UK.

2. AVIVA Health Insurance
AVIVA Health Insurance considered as the best health insurance company in UK. This company proffers the assistance of all kinds of medical expenditure including cure, hospitalization, and medications etc. AVIVA Health insurance company has more than 53 millions clients in 28 countries. It is also the sixth biggest insurance company all over the world

1. BUPA Health Insurance
Here is the top and best health insurance company in UK that is called BUPA Health Insurance. This company provides Full Cancer treatment, Associated with more than 400 recognized Hospitals, Round the clock services for information and assistance. It is the biggest health insurance company in UK.

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